Tony Mockeridge - Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Percussion

tony mockeridge


I believe in both kinds of Elvis....

I went for my first job interview at the local bank. The interview panel asked me what I thought was the most important quality for a banker. "Honesty..." I replied. Once the laughter had died down they asked if I'd be interested in appearing as the comic relief at the next bankers' convention. It paid $50 so I took it. My next job was counting owls for a nature survey. As I found out I not only suffered from night blindness, I also had an innate fear of being alone in the bush at night. With the $20 I got for lasting almost 2 hours I had $70 to invest in what I really wanted, a guitar. From there it was just a simple matter of finding some like minded compadres and a life was set to journey through the enormous universe of music.

Life really is about the music and the songs. I have been blessed with a family who have always encouraged me in all I do and some great friends who just happen to be among the most talented players on the planet. With all that going on, the songs find a life of their own in recording and performance. Our audiences at the live shows and in their lounge rooms continue to be the greatest inspiration.

Making the 3 Miles From Texas recording was a great experience and I'm sure it comes out in the playback. Working alongside a fantastic songwriter, Michael Tully is a unique opportunity. His songs are full of surprises, maximum groove factor (listen to Sunshine and try stopping the dance inside you); and wonderful lyrics. On top of that to hear the songs I had originally written, with all the amazing arrangements and production, not to mention the superb musicianship; is a once in a lifetime experience.

Please enjoy our record and let's hope we meet soon at a 3 Miles From Texas live show.