Keith Megson

keith megson



My musical association and friendship with Rob and Tony go back to when we were young aspiring musicians who felt we had something to contribute to the music world. Michael and I had met and played together a number of times through our association with the Brisbane folk scene, during this time I got to hear a lot of Michaels' songs and quickly realized that here is a man who can write a good song.

Our paths crossed many times throughout our various musical and life pursuits, at these crossings we always seemed to end up playing together in a band or at the very least jamming into the night just for the fun of it. What became obvious during these times was a desire to write and record some of "our own stuff" and though many years would pass, after a conversation over a couple of drinks one night the idea became a reality. '3 Miles from Texas is the result. Not only was I more than happy about the project, Rob actually let me loose on the recording desk which if nothing else was a heap of fun.

I hope you get as much fun and enjoyment from the music as we did in making it.

Cheers... Keith